Winter 2020



House Estate



Unravel mysteries and return as heroes

Safari Quest is a new unique self-drive experience - an evening adventure for all the family over 1100 acres at Palmerstown House Estate, Kildare.



Navigate fantastical and magical worlds from the safety and convenience of your car as you complete your quest.




Safari Quest has a dedicated interactive app to ensure a fully immersive experience. Choose a team name, upload a photo of the intrepid explorers aboard and follow the clues set out by Safari Quest guide, Billy Brave in order to discover the next world that awaits.




With the entire event experienced from your car, Safari Quest is suitable for all ages and abilities. 



Having launched in 2020, Safari Quest is a new self-drive experience over 700 acres at the 5-star Palmerstown House Estate, Kildare. Join the intrepid explorers as you navigate through fantastical worlds of weird and wonderful creatures enjoying the entire escapade from the confines of your car aka your Safari vehicle creating a safe yet bold adventure from beginning to end for you and your family bubble.


Before arriving at Safari Quest, families will download the interactive app where they can choose a team name and photo. Each family will assign a driver, navigator and quest members who will have different responsibilities during the adventure from driving the route to managing the app and looking out for the magical clues. The fantastic Safari Quest guide, Billy Brave will lead you through the magical worlds and prompt you to look out for clues, answer the questions correctly to unlock the next world.


Families can book their preferred time slot and upon arrival follow the lead Safari vehicle in a convoy to complete the hour-long journey. Unravel the mysteries and return as heroes, each family will receive a Scroll of Victory via the app once they have succeeded. Following the Safari adventure, families are invited to park up to enjoy a complimentary drive-in movie, with hot food and delicious treats available also.





  • Enjoy choosing a fun team name and taking a team photo before coming along

  • Play around with our 'Safari Selfie' feature on the app

  • On the day be ready for the challenge

  • Wear your favourite adventure clothes

  • Listen carefully to your Safari Guide, Billy Brave on the app

  • He will explain the next challenge

  • Look closely as you are driven through each world of the experience for clues

  • Tell the navigator the answer to each challenge



  • Download the app in advance (we will send you a link to this before your visit)

  • Enter your Team name

  • Take a team photo

  • Ensure you bring a the tablet / phone that you have the app downloaded on and ready to go 

  • Make sure your tablet or phone is fully charged

  • Turn the volume up on your device, connect to the car sound system, or bring a portable bluetooth speaker if possible for the best sound experience

  • Have your barcoded ticket ready for scanning on arrival - on your phone / tablet or printed 

  • Enter the code given to you on arrival to begin your quest 

  • Follow the instructions on screen as your hosts guides you through the experience

  • For the best experience, do not skip ahead to the next pages until appropriate

  • Guide your team to keep their eyes peeled and be very observant so that you correctly answer the multiple choice question after each world

  • Correct answers will unlock the next world

  • If you don’t get it right, it will prompt you to try again


  • You must be over 20 yrs and hold a full driving licence

  • The driver and vehicle must hold a valid insurance policy certificate 

  • The vehicle must meet all legal standards for road worthiness

  • Drive safely & always adhere to the rules of the road and the speed limits we have set for your self-drive quest

  • Ensure your car is ready for a night experience. Consider: lights, fuel levels, windscreen wipers, safe tyres. Can all guests see clearly outside from their seated positions?

  • Focus on the car ahead of you and the road

  • Follow staff and road signage instructions




Please visit our official Safari Quest website for more information